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Our instructors are experienced practitioners of the methods and mindsets that lead to more creative and collaborative teams and organizations. They have spent years practicing and honing the skills of design thinking and creative leadership.

OCAD U CO | Team | Emily Krause - Innovation Program Manager

Emily Krause
Managing Director

OCAD U CO | Team | Job Rutgers - Lead Facilitator

Job Rutgers
Senior Design Strategist

Muleh Bisrat
Manager, Innovation Services

OCAD U CO | Team | Lorraine Randell - Lead Facilitator

Lorraine Randell
Foresight and Design Researcher

OCAD U CO | Team | Molly Connor - Support Facilitator

Molly Connor
Manager, Strategic Foresight

OCAD U CO | Team | Julian Goss - Lead Facilitator

Julian Goss
Senior Design Strategist

Chris Cowperthwaite 
Product Manager

Board of Directors

Headshot of Ana Serrano.

Ana Serrano

Stacey Kine

Stacey Kline

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George Panopoulos

Althea Wishloff