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OCAD U CO Design Critique

OCAD U CO is offering IRAP clients design thinking-based design critique and user interface evaluation services in support of IRAP’s mission. 

The Design Critique offers firms a structured evaluation of the viability, desirability, and marketability of their product, service, project or process from a customer-centric lens. Design experts will offer feedback and recommendations to improve the user experience and will identify high-priority improvement opportunities for the firm.

Design Critique

A design critique is an evaluation of your product, service or offering from the point of view of your customers or end-users. Our innovation and design experts employ human-centred design research methods to develop a 360° analysis that will help you better position your company in the market.

The critique model is increasingly applied within research and industry projects to quickly gather responses on viability, desirability, and marketability of a product, service, project or process.

The Design Critique CTO offers approximately 30 hours of work from an expert consultant. For IRAP clients, this cost is covered by IRAP.  Accepted applicants will only be required to cover a $500 admin fee.

OCAD U CO | Innovation and Design Thinking and Remote Workshop Facilitation

What do you get?

The critique session will provide clients with:
  • A timely and thoughtful review of a product or service with suggestions for improvements
  • An evaluation of the viability, desirability, and marketability of a product, service, project or process
  • Key insights with a direct and immediate ROI
  • A written critique summary report

Focus Areas include:


  • Customer and User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Value Proposition
  • Service Design
  • Customer Journey
  • Product Accessibility
  • Accessibility and Inclusion


Should you apply?

  • Are you struggling to understand what customers really want?

  • Are you looking for ways to truly differentiate your products and services?

  • Do you wish you had access to skilled designers who have helped the likes of Philips, Deloitte, Sapient, Nike, RBC, and others?

  • Can you share enough information to provide our team with context to get started?

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Who is eligible?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must meet the following criteria to be considered for this service:

Complete the form below to apply to participate in the Design Critique CTO with OCAD U.

If accepted you will meet virtually with an OCAD design expert where you will receive a timely and thoughtful review of your product or service with suggestions for improvements. The expectation from your end is to invest 6-8 hours throughout the process. 

Applications are due
June 9th, 2023.

Submit your application today:

Program supported by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

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