Design Strategy and Facilitation

This 1 hour virtual training session is intended to equip as many teams as possible with the basic tools of foresight and creative thinking to navigate turbulent times. 

The Why

We are experiencing unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty. Organizations in all sectors are grappling with how to continue to run their core business, while also maintaining momentum on long-term objectives in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. In our conversations with leaders and teams over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a monumental shift from: “how do we operate in the face of COVID-19” to “what can we contribute to solving COVID-19?”. There is no playbook.

For nearly 150 years, OCAD University has educated creative thinkers, designers, and educators – helping build skillsets, mindsets, and behaviours to navigate ambiguity and create new futures. These capabilities include imagining and planning for a range of plausible scenarios; anticipate and understanding changing needs and trends; challenging assumptions about the way things work; rapidly and iteratively creating new solutions; and quickly configuring scarce resources to respond to challenges.

As the executive studio of OCAD University, we want to put these capabilities in the hands of teams who need them now. We believe that to design is to serve. And to serve in these times, when our society, economy, and institutions need creative thinking the most, is our responsibility.

The What

A one hour virtual session for teams that:

  • Lays out scenarios for how the COVID-19 situation could unfold
  • Maps current and new initiatives to scenarios to expose potential blind spots
  • Uses structured ideation to generate new ideas across scenarios for adapting and pivoting
  • Prioritizes actions for now, near, and next decisions

We're delivering these sessions at no cost

Our goal is to equip as many teams as we possibly can with the basic tools of foresight and creative thinking to navigate turbulent times.

The only catch? We ask that, if you go through the session, and you find it useful you share the skills and processes with one other leader or team in your organization or ecosystem to further build creative capacity in these times. In doing so, we’ll make the community stronger, build more resilient teams and institutions, and learn key insights that can, in turn, further help others.

Learn from the very best

Apply here (it takes less than one minute) to let us know you’re interested and why your team specifically could benefit.

We’ll respond within 24 hours and connect you with one of our executive facilitators to book a time and get started.

Applies to:

  • A Canadian organization, in any sector
  • Teams of up to 8 (your broader team can be larger, but participation in the session is capped)