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We are working with teams to run remote working sessions to keep innovation thriving.
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Our skill-building framework helps you kickstart innovation by targeting, developing, and maturing skills in hands-on experiential learning workshops that get teams excited and aligned.

Teams benefit from our nearly 150 years’ experience leading design and creative-problem solving education in Canada.

Four ways to drive innovation with OCAD U CO


OCAD U CO Excite

OCAD U CO Excite introduces your team to human-centred design methods, including strategic foresight, in a fast-paced, experiential workshop. This 3-hr workshop introduces the concepts of futures thinking, design thinking, idea generation, and prototyping.

OCAD U CO Design Thinking and Innovation training for organizations
OCAD U CO Executive Education Design Thinking Workshop - Facilitator - Round Table Discussion


OCAD U CO Experience

Our signature OCAD U CO Experience bootcamp takes teams through an end-to-end human-centred innovation project in just three to five days. This intensive experience builds foundational skills, a shared language, and a common toolkit for pursuing innovation; plus, you’ll benefit from high-potential concepts as an outcome.



OCAD U CO Embed supports teams with just-in-time learning and coaching as they pursue real innovation projects in your organizations. Over five to seven weeks, teams learn to navigate innovation work independently, with the benefit of OCAD U CO experienced trainers and facilitators along the way.

OCAD U CO Innovation workshops
OCAD’s new waterfront campus shows off benefits of collaboration


OCAD U CO Extend

When foundational innovation skills are already in place, our series of Extend workshops offers modular one to three day training sessions to deepen skills in strategic foresight, human-centred design methods, prototyping, storytelling, inclusive design, and more.

Where to start with OCAD U CO?

Excite Experience Embed Extend
What’s your goal?
Introduce innovation methods and generate excitement
Build foundational skills and a shared toolkit for innovation
Pursue real innovation projects with the right skills and mindset
Build advanced competencies and specific skills
​Depth of learning
High-level innovation challenge
Real organization innovation challenge
Real organization innovation projects
Deep skills applied to real project work
​Who’s your audience?
Leaders, project teams, and supporters of innovation
Project teams
Project teams
What is your time investment?
3 hours
3-5 days
5-7 weeks
Modular; 1-3 days per session
OCAD U CO certificate?
Experience the OCAD U CO studio*

*sessions can also be hosted at a location of your choice


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OCAD U CO have become our thought partners in creative innovation, strategy, and execution.

Jordan Ostapchuk
VP Innovation, OMERS Pension Services


OCAD U CO Others
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144 years’ experience teaching design and creative-problem solving
Go beyond basic design thinking with skills like foresight, creative problem-solving, and inclusive design