Our personalized health platform helps urban, young, health conscious, working professionals who want to increase effectiveness & time of workouts by avoiding misinformation & lack of direction and connecting large amounts of personalized data.

our offerings

Data Aggregation

  • Bringing existing data together
  • Health risk assessments
  • owning of your own data (exchange)
  • feeds into action plan

Medical Data

  • DNA testing – health + lifestyle
  • Creates an action plan

Fitness Gym

  • Personalized workout plan
  • Track workouts
  • Supporting 1:1 personal training


This platform helped me focus my time & allowed me to hit maximum productivity with my workouts

Jenny, 23

This platform gave me the opportunity and know how to become healthier and keep up to pace with my active son

Danny, 35

This platform helped me achieve a new world record

Jeff, 33

I can conquer the world and now my own health destiny

Emma, 30

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