Our platform helps parents who are expecting or have a newborn who want to take control of the stresses related to parenting by reducing the uncertainty and increasing their access to resources & providing solutions.

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  • Stress levels
  • Appearance
  • Financial
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Well-being

Assess & Track

  • Daily progress
  • Stress-o-meter
  • Self-assessment (selfie stress analyzer)


  • Community based
  • Tools
  • Resources


This helped me take control of my pregnancy enabling us to have a great social life. Even suggested a great personal trainer!

Karen, 28

Taking a selfie helped me track my stress. The stress-o-meter was invaluable to my pregnancy.

Rose, 32

I love how my shape turned out after pregnancy

Shauna, 36

Thanks to Healthy Selfie I was able to manage my financials for my new growing family – stress free!

Emma, 30

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