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Real-time Data Collection

One app that collects analytics from various sources (Amazon, Google, Apple, Nest etc.) and provides real-time recommendations for sleep and wellness.

Data Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of trends and analysis to determine long term recommendations for improving sleep and wellness

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching, education and awareness


I was so busy and feeling tired all the time, I wasn't able to see how I was ever going to feel anything other than tired and stressed until I found KONNECT. It was so amazing how quickly I felt the benefits.

Gina, 24

One word... AMAZING!

Paul, 29

I can't remember what my life was like before KONNECT, other than I was not my full self. Everything in my life was improved.

Mary, 49

One place for all the things. My health has never been better. The bonus is that it also helped my relationships and I got a bonus with work because my productivity improved.

Rebecca, 30

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