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Thank you for participating in the Making OCAD You workshop at OCAD U CO!

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Pre-Read Materials

Harvard Business Review

Why Design Thinking Works

Addressing the biases and behaviors that hamper innovation.

Harvard Business Review

Design Thinking Case Study

Better Service, Faster: A Design Thinking Case Study — It involves a Winnebago.


The Future of Work

Technology is giving rise to a new workforce — one governed by creativity, flexibility and the ability to travel anywhere.

The Future of Work: Jobs and Skills in 2030

This is a long read from the UK, but a  in-depth view into our topic area. If you don’t have the time to read it all, make sure to check out page 26.


Making OCAD You is a professional development and networking experience for faculty and staff, where we'll use design thinking to help make OCAD U the best place to work.

Making OCAD You is a five day, collaborative design experience, delivered over full-day workshops held once a week for five weeks. 

Working in groups, we’ll go end-to-end in a real design thinking challenge, as we consider what it means for OCAD U to be the best place to work for all of us. 

At the end of our engagement, we will present concepts we’ve developed to make OCAD U the best place to work to OCAD U senior leadership and employees, and at least one concept will be advanced for implementation. 

Teams will work on concepts that:

  • Offer viable, feasible and desirable solutions to make OCAD U the best place to work
  • Are implementable within the next three years
  • Consider future needs (and are also possible to implement within our current operational and funding constraints)

What will happen with the concepts?

Concepts will be presented for employee feedback, and at least one concept that meets the qualification criteria will be advanced for implementation by the Executive Sponsors of this initiative.

We know that design has the power to drive transformation in our students and the outside world. Now we’ll explore how human-centred design thinking can help our own institution, as we develop innovative solutions for the complex challenges of our day-to-day work. Participants will lead a design movement to build strength and institutional resilience at Canada's oldest art and design institution.

Qualification Criteria:

  • The concept addresses a priority area in making OCAD U a great place to work
  • The concept has a positive impact broadly for employees across the university
  • The concept can be implemented within 3 years
  • The concept requires a budget of no more than $10K

As a participant, you will:

  • Share your ideas with staff and faculty at a finale event on March 1, 2019
  • Benefit from an engaging opportunity for professional development​
  • Use creativity to develop and test new ideas​
  • Have the opportunity to create change at OCAD U

OCAD U CO is located in the Daniels Waterfront: City of the Arts Building, 130 Queens Quay East, 4th Floor (4R). The building is located on the south east corner of Lower Jarvis and Queens Quay East.

There’s a parking lot underneath the building, accessible by Richardson St. off of Queen’s Quay East. You can also try Impark, at 178 Queens Quay East, or Loblaw’s on the South west corner of Lower Jarvis and Queens Quay East.

Transit from Union Station:
Catch the # 6 Bay Bus to SHERBOURNE on Bay St at Front St West. Travel 3 stops.

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