Advancing our vision for Pension Service Excellence

big bold vision


Members feel confident in their future. We deliver the right information and the right experience at the right time.

On May 30th we brought together a dynamic group to participate in the OMERS Pension Services strategy retreat. Our focus was to bring the team together to get aligned, excited, and committed around a set of bold and measurable objectives to advance the vision for pension service excellence.


Our objectives for the day were to decide and commit on:


In the morning we focused on:

  • Recap: OMERS PS vision and strategy

  • Introduction: our mission and rules of engagement

  • Focus areas: prioritizing the orthodoxies we want to flip

  • Future OMERS PS: writing the press releases of the future

In the afternoon we focused on:​

  • Getting to action: identifying big challenges to be overcome

  • Objectives: setting stretch goals for our vision

  • Key Results: setting measurable indicators of success

  • Reflections + commitments: committing to the work ahead

Here's how we did it


1. Pick orthodoxies worth flipping

We looked at challenging the status quo in areas that align to the vision, would delight customers, and create differentiation.

2. Author press releases from the future

We worked backwards by imagining the future customer experience and what would need to be true.

3. Get radically focused on 90-day action plans

We prioritized the challenges-to-be-solved and the stretch goals for this quarter to kickstart momentum.


Taking the first steps toward our future press releases

Below are the ambitious future press releases we authored about OMERS Pension Services launching ground breaking new customer experiences.

In the days after our workshop, we worked with the OCAD U CO team to deepen, detail, and consolidate the outputs of the session. Look for your name in the list of team names below as a reminder, to see the mission you’ve been assigned to for this quarter.

Click on the headline to read the press release, see the orthodoxy being flipped, and the OKRs set for the next 90 days.

Before your team gets started, be sure to review the rules of engagement!

Press Releases


Team 1

  • Annesley Wallace
  • Dora Cruz
  • Miriam Dalgety
  • Ingrid Chingcuanco
  • Vanessa Rocco

Team 2

  • Caitlin Morin
  • Celine Chiovitti
  • Fotini Eliopoulos
  • Margaret Buczakowski
  • Mylah Casalda

Team 3

  • Annesley Wallace
  • Dora Cruz
  • Miriam Dalgety
  • Ingrid Chingcuanco
  • Vanessa Rocco

Team 4

  • Anna Armanetti-Sanchez
  • Carm Hyden
  • James Denovan
  • Martin Diokno
  • Nikki D’Onofrio

Team 5 + 6

  • Catalina Rubiano
  • Enrico Persicone
  • Isabel Naccarato
  • Jordan Ostapchuk
  • Mike Watters
  • Maria Miguel
  • Mike deJong
  • Noam Sela
  • Oliver Jerschow