Not your grandpa’s pension plan!

By Katharine Schwab

Members at OMERS and OMERSDigital were thrilled to hear that the pension giant is bringing a renewed focus to human centric pension planning. Announcing a slate of initiatives including, “Humans of OMERS.” OMERS promises to prove to members that the pension promise goes beyond a secure financial future. An OMERS Director says, “Our members work hard, and their money should work even harder for them.”

“Our members work hard, and their money should work even harder for them.”

— OMERS Director
These sweeping changes will transform OMERS member engagement, from myOMERS providing a comprehensive overview of current and lifetime pension values, to a range of discounts members can use on their daily shopping. The keywords are accessible, digital and personal. These changes will go into effect within the next three months, and they promise to transform how members experience the value of their pension plan. This has members excited, with one claiming, “OMERS is taking all the planning out of planning for retirement,” and Jenna from Woodbridge saying, “I hadn’t realized these top-notch investors were doing all this work for me. If I contribute a little extra maybe I can retire even earlier than I thought!”

MVP idea

Create and launch a “Humans of OMERS” Instagram account
Our 90 day action plan


Launch an awesome Instagram account that tells the story of OMERS members / employers.

Key Results

  • Build an IG account and get to 500 followers
  • Generate and post 30 “Humans of OMERS” stories
  • Recruit a backlog of 100 OMERS members willing to be featured

Team Commitments

Margaret Buczakowski
  • Participate in the analysis of the data
  • Identify preferred channels of communication
Caitlin Morin
  • Support my team’s satisfaction and engagement initiatives
  • Develop plan on IG account with my team
  • Project manage JSPP advocacy program
Fotini Eliopoulos
  • Provide support on project management activities
  • Be involved in data analysis in segments and common channels
Mylah Casalda
  • Coordinate and lead key activities for team
  • Pull together cross functional team to develop a plan to better connect w/ future member segments
Celine Chiovitti
  • Provide strategic and link priority to PS Doctors
  • Provide and operational lead on team
  • Remove obstacles and regular check-ins
Leadership needs
  • Clear articulated priorities
  • Clear accountability

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