OMERS unveils a new personalized, member-to-member communications platform.

By Katharine Schwab

Applause greeted OMERS announcement this afternoon of a new member engagement platform that will connect like-minded pensioners to onboard new members. OMERS is calling it, “OMERS Social” and are planning a launch in the next few months. An OMERS representative told us, “When members are enrolled in an OMERS pension plan they sometimes struggle to understand its value. OMERS Social will change that.”

OMERS Social is facilitated through OMERS employers who encourage new members to download and use the OMERS Social mobile application. When members open the app, they’re greeted by a brief questionnaire that uncovers the members preferred communication methods. Next, a personalized video from another member with a similar background welcomes the member and explains the nature of the OMERS pension plan. Members who’ve experienced the demo rave, claiming: 

“It felt so personal, and thoughtful. I feel like OMERS is really trying to make the pension experience unforgettable.”

OMERS Social will encourage members to participate in the program by cultivating social clubs, groups and communication channels for members with the intention of making members feel like they’re part of a larger family and that OMERS is more than just a pension plan. Tim from Scarborough says, “I’m not just a number to OMERS. They gave me a truly special, personalized experience when I joined, and I’ll never forget it.”

MVP idea

Develop a communications package and plan to encourage OTCFT to join OMERS.
Our 90 day action plan


Build an awesome OTCFT plan that resonates with potential members and increases enrollment.

Key Results

  • Select / engage 10 employers to agree to pilot the plan
  • Run two test groups (that receive the plan and do not receive the plan) and measure success across 100 potential members
  • Generate a 8/10 conversion rate for the group receiving the plan

Team Commitments

James Denovan
  • Time, skills, script / peer review
Anna Armanetti-Sanchez
  • Existing research/data; time; skills/experience
Nikki D'Onofrio
  • Time; skills/experience
  • Video content/script
  • Customer outreach
Martin Diokno
  • Time; skills/experience
  • Access to customers / employers
Carm Hyde
  • Resources
  • Team member expertise
  • Time
  • Access to customers
Leadership needs
  • Resources or seed fund
  • Time, space, or tools
  • Access to other team i.e communication, digital strategy team

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