TEAM 5+6

OMERS Family Plan brings the pension promise to the whole family

By Katharine Schwab

OMERS has announced they’re redesigning how members and their families interact with their OMERS pension plans. OMERS believes pensions are family assets and should be understood and monitored by the entire family. In a move for sustainability, the OMERS Family Plan will be entirely paperless, facilitated through the myOMERS web platform and mobile application.
“Now we can share my partners OMERS pension like we share our Netflix account.”
— OMERS Member
One member explained it best when they said, “Now we can share my partners OMERS pension like we share our Netflix account.” The OMERS Family Plan offers more than just pension information, but a range of family benefits including simplified processing in the event a family’s status changes, and access to the newly launched suite of OMERS benefits including discounts and financial planning services. OMERs even mentioned they’re exploring whether members could contribute to the same pension plan or coordinate other employer plans on myOMERS to make family finance simple. Mateo from London happily told us, “OMERS helped me financially in a time when my family really needed it. It was like an OMERS family reunion!”

MVP idea

Map family networks to generate sufficient data to consider investing in a parallel plan for family members
Our 90 day action plan


Develop an understanding of current OMERS family compositions

Key Results

  • Map 100 member families to understand data we have access to
  • Contact 10 identified families and conduct in-depth interviews
  • Generate a 70% ‘interest’ level with families in new family-based offering

Team Commitments

Mike Watters
  • Break down data
  • Mapping validation
Catalina Rubiano
  • Sample section
  • Multiple products (i.e AVC)
Enrico Persicone
  • Data gather
  • Map data
  • Survey execution
Isabel Naccarato
  • Map data; sample election
Jordan Ostapchuk
  • Focus group design
  • Question development
  • Survey execution
Maria Miguel
  • Create questions for survey
  • Survey: Data that we need to collect
Mike deJong
  • Confirm info we want + family data
  • Get survey data / results
  • Analyze data collected
Noam Sela
  • Assign resources and collect family data through myOMERS
Oliver Jerschow
  • Team that interacts with members frequently
  • Policy and regulatory expertise
  • Outreach to employers (and what they know about members)
Leadership needs
  • Time / prioritization

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