Tools & Resources

We promised we would make available all of the tools and frameworks we used in the workshop. These are great tools that can be useful in all your work!

Pre-read Materials

Suggested pre-reading for the strategy retreat

Throughout the retreat, we’ll be referred to concepts around radical customer centricity, focus, and goal setting for innovation that have been inspired by leading thinkers from Amazon, Google, and more. For a preview of these concepts, we suggest these quick reads / views:

Jeff Bezos on Amazon's commitment to customer obsession and speed

Pick this one if:

• You prefer to read!
• You care most about becoming radically customer centred!

Christina Wodtke on Google and Intel's secret weapon for success: radical focus

Pick this one if:

• You prefer to watch!
• You care most about getting super-focused on execution.


Orthodoxies selected by teams

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Working backwards

Draft your Press Release




Develop your OKRs