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You were selected because we saw the spark in you that showed us you could make it happen.

Bring Your Whole Self

We invite you to be yourself with your fellow participants. Part of the value of working with other people is the support you’ll receive from people who can relate to what you’re going through and the wealth of knowledge that they bring from their experiences.

This group is built to work together to achieve success – and we want you to feel like you belong from day 1.

We’ll set some simple guidelines for how we want to work together at the start of our In Class Workshops to make sure that we are all set up for success and that we understand and agree on what good collaboration looks like.

Get Ready to Take a Leap

We are here to help you by providing you with as many opportunities as possible to get the experience and access you need to make a leap into a new career.

When it comes to action, we need you to take the responsibility for making that jump. What does this mean? Well, it means that we can rely on you to work as hard as you possibly can to be ready for meeting with employers who’ve decided to take on workers who may not fit their traditional ideas of what “experienced” looks like. It means that you take advantage of every learning opportunity and networking connection made available to you while you’re in SalesCamp.

Collaboration over Competition

Finding your first new role might not look exactly the same as what you imagined, and once you find a new role, the transition may be tough for a while. SalesCamp peers work collaboratively, helping each other by being a network – sharing knowledge, opportunities, and support as you each make transitions.

You are here to help each other through the highs and lows of this work. We aren’t competing for scarce resources. We are helping each other build new futures. Work together, celebrate and support each others’ success, and rest assured that the work you’re doing will have long term positive outcomes for all of you.

Let’s make it happen!

Meet your facilitators and learn what we’ll cover over SalesCamp.

SalesCamp Program Agenda

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Meet Your Facilitators

Lorraine Randell - OCADUCO - Team Photo - Colour

Lorraine Randell

Design Facilitator

Meet Your Facilitators

Rod Foster

Sales Facilitator

We will post readings and supplementary materials here for you during SalesCamp.

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