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Three ways to drive innovation with OCAD U CO

We have three experiential programs for teams and organizations. Each is grounded in a learn-by-doing philosophy that brings a real organization challenge as the focus for skill-building.

OCAD U CO | Navigate Uncertainty | Remote Workshop and Facilitation


OCAD U CO’s structured approach to scenario planning for managers navigating uncertainty. Developed to assist leaders in a period of rapid change, we’re providing tools in a way that helps managers quickly understand what’s plausible, develop potential responses, and align on how and when to make new strategic choices.

OCAD U CO’s organizational training experiences help your team to develop new, human-centred innovation skills that stick. Teams learn how to think about long-term futures, design transformational innovations, and work in iterative, creative ways.

Our skill-building framework helps you kickstart innovation by targeting, developing, and maturing skills in hands-on experiential learning workshops that get teams excited and aligned.

Teams benefit from our nearly 150 years’ experience leading design and creative-problem solving education in Canada.

We're doing this within our own organization

Watch how work teams sparked an innovation movement at OCAD U

Watching my teams unlock the power of their own creativity was one of the most satisfying moments of my career. Seeing the look on their faces made me understand the potential of a supportive learning environment. When the first question from the most hardened cynic is: ‘so when can we go back and prototype some more solutions?’ you know OCAD U CO is onto something.”

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OCAD U CO | Distributed Work | Tools
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OCAD U CO | Distributed Work | Tools
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