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Build and deepen innovation skills

OCAD U CO’s organizational training experiences help your team to develop new, human-centred innovation skills that stick. Teams learn how to think about long-term futures, design transformational innovations, and work in iterative, creative ways.

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Our skill-building framework helps you kickstart innovation by targeting, developing, and maturing skills in hands-on experiential learning workshops that get teams excited and aligned.

Teams benefit from our nearly 150 years’ experience leading design and creative-problem solving education in Canada.

Four ways to drive innovation with OCAD U CO



OCAD U CO Excite introduces your team to human-centred design methods, including strategic foresight, in a fast-paced, experiential workshop. This 3-hr workshop introduces the concepts of futures thinking, design thinking, idea generation, and prototyping.



OCAD U CO Experience bootcamp takes teams through an end-to-end human-centred innovation project in just three to five days. This intensive design thinking experience builds foundational skills, a shared language, and a common toolkit for pursuing innovation; plus, you’ll benefit from high-potential concepts as an outcome.



OCAD U CO Embed supports teams with just-in-time learning and coaching as they pursue real innovation projects in your organizations. Over five to seven weeks, teams learn to navigate innovation work independently, with the benefit of OCAD U CO experienced trainers and facilitators along the way.



When foundational innovation skills are already in place, our series of Extend workshops offers modular one to three day training sessions to deepen skills in strategic foresight, human-centred design methods, prototyping, storytelling, inclusive design, and more.

Where to start with OCAD U CO?

Excite Experience Embed Extend
What’s your goal?
Introduce innovation methods and generate excitement
Build foundational skills and a shared toolkit for innovation
Pursue real innovation projects with the right skills and mindset
Build advanced competencies and specific skills
​Depth of learning
High-level innovation challenge
Real organization innovation challenge
Real organization innovation projects
Deep skills applied to real project work
​Who’s your audience?
Leaders, project teams, and supporters of innovation
Project teams
Project teams
What is your time investment?
3 hours
3-5 days
5-7 weeks
Modular; 1-3 days per session
OCAD U CO certificate?
Experience the OCAD U CO studio*

*sessions can also be hosted at a location of your choice


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What clients say about us

OCAD U CO have become our thought partners in creative innovation, strategy, and execution.

Jordan Ostapchuk
VP Innovation, OMERS Pension Services

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