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A 3-5 day introductory Design Thinking bootcamp using design methods for innovation that gets leaders and teams immersed in a real challenge.

OCAD U CO | Innovation and Design Thinking Remote Workshop Facilitation

Program Overview

By posting up in our OCAD U CO studio or remotely — and getting out into the field — you’ll become familiar with how human-centred design, creative methods, and innovation tools can lead to new and unexpected solutions that create new opportunities for your organization.

Who should attend?

Senior leaders and their teams who want to develop a shared understanding and language for design-led innovation

Capacity: 10-35

Length: Typically 3-5 days

You will learn:

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Framing the Problem

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People insights

Human-Centered Design

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create + build

Ideation and Concept Development

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Value Creation

Building a Business Case

OCAD U CO | Navigate Uncertainty | Remote Workshop and Facilitation

Learn Design Thinking from leading designers

  • More than just a step-by-step process, we’ve built our program to develop the competencies needed to start thinking and acting like a designer.

  • Built on the deep knowledge we’ve built over 100 years of teaching designers and leading design in Canada, our programs are led by leading design experts who use these skills everyday in their own practice as designers.

  • When you complete our Design Thinking training program, you’ll recieve a certificate and digital badge from OCAD U CO, to share your certification online.
OCAD U CO | Innovation and Design Thinking Remote Workshop Facilitation

Use real projects, get real results

  • Our program invites you to work on a real challenge – you’ll think big about possibilities, but you’ll also generate real, actionable, and feasible results.

  • We’ve combined foresight and systems design with our design thinking programming, to get you thinking about more possibilities and to deeply understand the context you’ll be working in.

  • You’ll walk away with a plan to continue design thinking in your work – and you’ll have the skills you need to get to action faster.
OCAD U CO | Navigate Uncertainty | Remote Workshop and Facilitation

Learn by doing in a design studio environment

  • We don’t do lectures – to learn design you have to do design, and we get you rolling up your sleeves – early and often – to dig in to the work.

  • Our skilled facilitators are design leaders, who are experts in guiding you through creative activities to get you thinking and working differently.

  • Our Design Thinking program takes place in a modern, studio environment on Toronto’s waterfront

This will help you...


Team up with design and innovation experts

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